Significant Legislative Accomplishments 

Here are some of NUCA of Washington’s significant legislative accomplishments…


Prevented small jurisdiction from obtaining GC/CM authority.

Worked with legislature and CPARB to ensure only quality owners get GC/CM authority.

Prevented permanent diversion of PTWF REET funding source to general fund.

Prevented $50 million raid to fund Kingdome roof repair.

Prevented fund revenues from being bonded.

Prevented several PWTF transfers to CERB programs.

Amended “Jobs Development Program” to study $50 million transfers resulting in cessation of programs.


Enacted the venue bill, which helps level the playing field in construction contracts with counties throughout the state. It allows contractors to sue a county in either that county or one of the two nearest counties (HB 1601).

Amended “Offers of Settlement” statute to apply to claims regardless of amount (HB1671).

Enacted law preventing low bidders claiming to error to re-bid the same project (SB5757).

“Dig Safe” bill (HB857).

Creation of the Public Works Trust Fund (PTWF) (SB4404).

Created funding for the PWTF (SB4228).

Created pre-construction loan program in the PWTF (HB2063).

Assisted in a passage of all PWFT Project Loan Legislation since inception.

Assisted CTED in enacting rule allocating PTWF 75/25.

Enacted “Offers of Settlement” statute (SB6408).