On Thursday, June 1st NUCA’s Young Professionals Committee hosted two jobsite tours for some of UW’s Construction Management students. Shane Webley and Ashley
Baldwin of NUCA hosted tours of Flatiron’s SR 520 West Approach Bridge North project in Seattle along with Johansen’s NE Spring Blvd Multi-Modal Corridor Zone 1B project in Bellevue.

Tom McMillan with Flatiron gave a great tour of the SR 520 project showing various scopes of work including dismantling of the temporary trestle, construction
of the expansion joints, pouring concrete for the barriers, electrical work and preparing the deck for grinding. He gave a great overview of what took place during different phases of construction while also informing the students about working within the
budgets, the number of crews and subcontractors, environmental constraints and safety requirements.

Following the SR 520 tour the group went to Bellevue for lunch at the Crab Pot where Ashley and Shane discussed NUCA of WA and our members, the scholarships available,
and working in the civil construction industry.

After lunch Shane took the group down the street to Johansen’s NE Spring Blvd project where the group got an opportunity to observe ongoing SEW, bridge, and earthwork
operations. Sam Nelson with Johansen gave a tour of the project and discussed ongoing SEW, bridge, earthwork, and utility operations. Emphasis was placed on NUCA and its members who are delivering important, and challenging projects in and around the greater
Seattle area.

Overall the students were very interested in NUCA and genuinely interested in learning more about the Organization. Opportunities for increasing NUCA awareness
through participation in their upcoming UWCM Golf Tournament, Career Fair, and potential guest lecture regarding Dig Safe training in the Heavy Civil class this coming fall were identified.